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NEDCC Staff at Home

Missing your NEDCC FRiends and colleagues (and their pets)? 

Let's see what everyone is up to . . .   


Note: For best results, when playing an audio clip, pause or finish one clip before starting a new one! 

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NEDCC reopens on 5/19/20. It's been a long haul. Free at last! 

We're back!


I’ve been enjoying the avian activity at our feeder with lots of Carolina Chickadees, House Finches, Titmouses (Titmice?), and Cardinals.


Avian activity  Hello!

Lately, I’ve been seeing this poor little dude with his bald head and faded red feathers flitting about the feeder. Despite his appearance, he’s a feisty one so we named him
Ming the Merciless after the villain from Flash Gordon.

Ann Marie:

People in my neighborhood have posted rainbows and hearts in their windows to cheer folks as they pass by. Bodhi helped us hang some hearts this weekend.

Bodhi helps cheer the neighbors


Saturday, May 9, 2020 in Maine. 

I spoke too soon about putting the snowshoes away!  Spring is under there somewhere!

(I spoke too soon about putting the snowshoes away!)

What a difference a day makes  ...just your ordinary snow mowing

 . . . but by Sunday, May 10, the green grass reappears.  By Monday, the 11th, it's just your ordinary snow mowing.


New situation room (weather permitting).

New situation room (weather permitting).

David Gerratt and Michael Snow:

We are sending a great big THANK you to NEDCC's graphic designer David Gerratt and our website programmer Michael Snow. They are the indispensable, behind-the-scenes team that has kept our web presence up and running since 2005.  David has a deep understanding of our work and it shows in his design aesthetic. (A bit of history - David: My dad was a letterpress operator but I learned to operate his linotype at the age of 15 and for a short bit was his only operator. For a few months in my senior year of high school, I went to work with him at 6am, ran the linotype for a few hours and then got to school in time for 9:50 home room.)

David is working as usual right now at his home office, but in his spare time, he is a talented musician and founder of "Fugitive Productions," organizing music, comedy, and storytelling events in the Boston area. Thank you to David!

The NEDCC behind-the-scenes staff member!


Michael Snow, the expert programmer who works with David, has seen us through 3 website revamps and saved us from several hacking attempts.  He works closely with Preservation Services, making possible their complicated shopping cart functions and other resources. THANK you, Michael!  



Here is a hodgepodge of scenes from a quarantine.

Blubs  Surviving tulips

Few tulips survived the rabbits that have recently reentered our neighborhood. These bulbs ostensibly grow in gavel so perhaps that hardiness also makes the blooms harder to nibble. 


Platy pus  Anatomy and Physiology

Magnus does his schoolwork on paper and we email his teacher a photo. Gustav’s schoolwork is largely online but he is happiest with his Anatomy & Physiology textbook.



Barry has taken up cross-stitch and designed a snarky phrase that is nearly complete.


Wobbly rocking chair  Treatment underway

Five years ago and across the street, I found a wobbly rocking chair with a broken caned seat and tossed it in the basement. It was recently dug out, its joints re-glued, a new seat support added, and paint removal is in progress. Decisions are slow going regarding paint, oiling, shaker tape, upholstery, and/or paper cord.


A needle felted critter

As May the Forth approached, porgs became topical and I spent one evening needle-felting a critter. 



Summiting Mount Monadnock on my birthday.



I finally completed this embroidery I designed for my friend’s birthday! It’s my first embroidery so it took much longer than I expected, but I’m very happy with the results. I hand-dyed the fabric and painted the embroidery hoop as well. I’m already excitedly planning my next project!

First embroidery project. . . .and planning my next!



Picking dandelions from our yard for use in tea and dandelion infused oil. The oil can be used to make a salve that is great for achy muscles!



I want to share these cyanotype images I made near the Ipswich river over the weekend. Spring has sprung!

And what does a talented collections photographer do in his time off?  He makes cyanotypes!  Cyanotype

Cyanotype    Cyanotype



This critter was outside my kitchen window this morning. I only "shot" him with my camera phone, though. No possum stew tonight.

No possum stew tonight!


My Grandma Dorothy’s 96-year-old, and oldest, sister recently misplaced her address book. It was surprising since she is literally in lockdown in a North Dakota assisted living facility. My grandma was going to cut our daily chat short the other night to write down family phone numbers for Betty. This project is the result of my promise to send those phone numbers for her.

I sacrificed one of my last remaining pre-cut parchment paper baking liners to make a semi-protective later.  Ink jet printing is incredibly water-soluble and would not withstand even the smallest spill. I also don’t like the read through of the 20lb. paper. It isn’t ideal but this little pamphlet will be good enough. If there is one thing I know for sure, kids who grew up in the Dirty Thirty’s in the North Dakota dust bowl certainly know how to make do. 

What does a book conservator do with time on her hands . . . ?  make an . . .  . . . adorable address book . . .

. . . for her . . .  . . . Grandmother's . . .  . . . 96-year old sister, Betty . . .

. . .using parchment baking liners . . .  . . . and other on-hand materials, for a charming little pamphlet!



Do you think this means  . . .  . . . that I can put these away now?

          Do you think this means . . .                                   . . . that I can put these away now?



Dog park fun with V and C. Beautiful Saturday!

Dog park fun!


My assistant fell asleep on the job  . . .  again!

What? Asleep again?!

Luana Maekawa:

What a miserable day outside! We just had our first zoom meeting with the Paper lab,  and that certainly brightened my afternoon! --And on that note here are photos of happy signs of Spring from my garden, finally!

Spring -   -  finally!

Happy signs of spring!


Mary French:

Here are the face masks that I made for NEDCC staff to wear when we’re able to go back to work. They’re easier to do in a batch rather than one at a time, but I may have gotten carried away here . . . 

Staff masks

Terra Huber:

I made this cut paper card for my Grandma’s 90th birthday! I used an 18th or 19th century endsheet marbled in a blue schottel pattern for my fish design. She’s a Pisces and a painter who has made a lot of fish-themed artwork throughout her life. She loves it!

Cut paper card for Grandma's 90th...    She loved it!

Mary French:

Masks in process for NEDCC's staff for someday re-opening.

Staff masks. [Editor's note: Feeling a little odd/guilty for finding these SO beautiful!]

Bill Veillette:

While hiking last weekend, I rewrote the lyrics to a bluegrass song to "suit the times" and recruited Kiyoshi and Karl to help perform it. It’s called “I Don’t Cairn Anymore” and is performed by the At Home Ramblers. We did this all from a distance (Lee, NH; Amherst, NH; Haverhill, MA) to stay at-home compliant. Here are the liner notes: 

Kiyoshi – ukulele, banjo, guitar, bass
Karl – mandolin
Bill – singer/songwriter
Engineered by: Karl
Photos by:  Frank, Ann Marie, Lisa

Album Cover - At Home Ramblers


Liner notes

Karl Fleck:

Here’s a photo of our cat, Jeff. She loves the guitar case. I guess it’s pretty cozy!  If I were her size, I’d do the same.

Cozy guitar case for Jeff.

Lisa Muccigrosso:

Text blocks being pressed in my makeshift press, and a signature being punched in a collapsible punching trough (instructions here ), using an excise tax envelope as a jig. 

 at-home text block pressing   Excise tax envelope as a jig!


Over the holiday weekend I decided to divide up the random clusters of liriope and use them to create a border. I also added some pretty ground covering plants that will spread over time. It only took me 20 years to do it.

Before treatment  After treatment  


All the puzzles!

Cat Bookends... or in this case ... Cat Puzzle Ends!


Our late, beloved coworker Gayton Osgood told me about this historical marker years ago. We finally found it on a recent drive through Georgetown. Hoping for better luck that my forebear . . . 

1692 - Hope for better luck . . .

Contemplating eternity at the Lowell Cemetery during the COVID shutdown. Happy Spring!

'Uplifting' photos  'Uplifting photos'  'Uplifting' photos - Happy spring!


Tool shed reorganization - before and after 'treatment.'

Tool shed reorg - Before treatment    Tool shed reorg - After treatment


Tulips before the snow tonight!

Before the snow!


Hello from DC! Just finished our first of many puzzles.

Hello from DC!


Archer and I are a small part of the PPEople Brigade which makes face shields for workers at medical facilities. The PPEople Brigade was started by my friend Paige Cox. As of April 9th, over 8200 shields have been made.

Archer and I are a small part of the PPEople Brigade which makes face shields for workers at medical facilities.


We are all looking forward to some warm sun this Sunday. Here are my sister's dogs, Ruby and Maple, soaking up some rays.

Ruby and Maple - sun bathers.


This is apparently what my brain comes up with when I’m doodling on my iPad instead of doing what I ‘should’ be doing.

IPad doodling


Here is an image I worked on during lock down. I ran out of drawing materials so I used recycled cardboard. Not archival but it works!

DJ art on recycled cardboard


Here's a quick photo of the beginning stages of two pet embroidery projects. I'm combining some some stitching techniques and fabric to see what the resultant textures are. Pasqualino is the inspiration for the smaller hoop that hasn't got more than an outline yet--I'm really interested to see how the stitches I'm going to use for his fur look against the gold and repetitive nature of the pattern!

Beginning stages of two pet embroidery projects.


Summer encounters two corgi friends on one of the (many) walks walks she takes each day.

Hello corgi friends!   So long, corgi friends!


Built cold frames - avoided a trip to the hardware store! (AND the hospital!)Built some cold frames out of scrap wood (including old Ikea book shelves) and successfully avoided a trip the the hardware store! My arm is still sore days later from sawing. The neighbor offered their circular saw but I’ve never used one before and was too afraid I’d end up in the hospital if I tried.

Starting seeds

Started some seeds inside. The arugula shot right up!

What do we all really want? More Ruth!!!

Because I know what people really want:

Ann Marie:

My mother-in-law made us masks – this season’s hottest fashion item. (We are smiling under there!)

We're smiling under there!


Today was Pasqualino's 14th birthday! He is always ready to go outside. The third photo is an exhausted Pasqualino following frolicking and partying!


Happy Birthday Pasqualino!  Pasqualino - always ready to go outside!

Pasqualino - Commenting on the state of the world?



Yes, spring comes slowly to Maine . . .  but it makes it all the more exciting.

Crocus trying so hard  Finally!


Painting my home office!

Painting my home office - and myself!

Julia Hawkins:

I decided to try making sushi for an unconventional Easter dinner. It didn’t fall apart and was pretty tasty!

Sushi - mmmmmmm

Ann Marie:

My partner and I agreed to record a version of Morning Has Broken for our church's Easter Service. Not bad for four takes!



Karuna and Bodhi greet the day.Karuna and Bodhi greet the day.

Amelia Sorensen:

Our Swedish Maundy Thursday celebration was rather brief due to the quarantine (and one child inexplicably running into a metal pole). But we did throw freckles on the kids and sent them to the backdoor as little vagabonds in search of treats. The third picture is from parties past. The general idea of modern Blåkula and Skärtorsdagen is that children trick-or-treat while dressed like Easter witches adorned with kerchiefs and freckles, dyed eggs are hung from still bare trees, and branches are tipped with colorful feathers. It is a joyful hoot.

Swedish Maundy Thursday - Kids with freckles!  Treats

From a party past . . .

From a party past . . .


I've been enjoying watching the swans on the pond by my house, but it's hard to take them seriously when they do this!

Hard to take them seriously when they do this . . .


Update... Well, we achieved "Ice Out."

Ice Out, Lake Anasagunticook  Ice Out - and oh, a little snow too





My Granddaughter Olivia sent me her artwork to brighten my day and to make sure I was staying safe and well. She and Murphy have a talk.

  Olivia  Olivia and Murphy have a talk

Olivia's artwork. Doug asks:


These are a couple of photographs from a hike up Mt. Toby in Central Massachusetts. A long-abandoned structure on the way up, and long shadows on the way down.

Hike up Mt Toby

Trails . . .


Since I’ve been home, I’ve been on a sourdough bread baking kick. Here’s the latest loaf - an olive, lemon zest, fresh thyme, and pecan sourdough.

Sourdough supreme

Olive, lemon zest, fresh thyme, and pecan sourdough. [Editor's note: I can actually smell that!!!!]



We witnessed the beginnings of the annual phenomenon, called "Ice Out" in our lake in Maine. (There is a town-wide betting pool on the exact date of Ice Out each year. Now complicated by the forecast of 7 inches of snow Thursday-Friday. ack)

Ice Out

Lake Anasagunticook Icing Out

Also this - a sign posted by the Norway Maine Police Department.

Fah apaht


Signs of spring in our urban garden.

Spring in the urban garden

Urban garden visitor


Bill:   [Editor's Note: NEDCC's Executive Director has spent the weekend at-the-ready to apply for the Center's Payroll Protection Program (PPP) the minute our bank's portal opens.]

Been watchin' D. Ray White on YouTube (God rest his soul) and decided there's nothin' better than dancin' this weekend while a-waitin' on the bank to start accepting PPP loan applications. If'n them bankers don't come through, the corn in the jar is my back-up plan. (Background song: "Little Liza Jane" by Fiddlin' Mutt Poston)


Bill's Dance Floor while waiting for the bank's portal to open for our PPP.




We went outside!

We went outside!


An original song for the times . . .  "Just Not Too Closer Walk With Thee."


Early Kiyoshi with banjo.



Springtime in my basement. Seeds are finally sprouting.

Springtime in the basement.

Also, my 11 year old's proposed schedule for the quarantine. I guess I haven't instilled much of a work ethic!

Work ethic?


Here's some ipod audio of me playing an abbreviated version of 'Sunflower River Blues' by John Fahey. 


John Fahey's Sunflower River Blues - Karl Fleck



I just finished sewing a mask for my daughter in Brooklyn. One down and three to go!

Masks - one down and three to go!


Summer the dog is getting lots of extra walks, as it's a good excuse to go outside. She is happy with the situation.  The cats are also enjoying the extra attention, though they don't show it as much. 

Summer   Halfway down the stairs...

Cat not out of the bag yet.  Snoozing


I’m using my time to improve my sourdough bread baking skills , but I’m not sure my housemates and I can eat it as fast as I can bake it! Looking forward to being able to share with everyone in the NEDCC break room.

Jess' Sourdough - [Editor's note: I WANT that bread!!]


Daniel Tiger helping me with a puzzle.

Daniel Tiger helping.


Here is a photo of my vintage copy of Roderick Hudson by Henry James, which I just finished. Also, I take pictures of lovely passages as I find them (as a matter of course) and one is attached that has a contagion metaphor that I didn’t fully appreciate until rereading just now.   Also, Rufus and Vivian hanging out in their newly refurbished DIY cat tree.

Vintage Henry James  

Collecting Lovely Passages - contagion metaphor...

Rufus and Vivian enjoying DIY cat tree


Mary, I see your chocolate chip cookies made with bunny butter, and I raise you: brownies made with Easter lamb butter :)   (See Mary's post below.)

Creative baking   Resulting brownie. [Editor's note: I want that brownie too!]


Pasqualino peeks.

Pasqualino peeks


Taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather while my security detail (Enzo) monitors the sidewalk activity.

Enzo on patrol.


Variation on the Exhausted Pet Theme - Enzo:

Variation on the exhausted pet theme - Enzo


Ann Marie:

The black cat is Bohdi and the calico is Karuna.

(Looks like we are totally exhausting our pets by being at home!!)

Bodhi Sleeping  Karuna helps with typinggg zzzzzzzzz



Cleo has another hard day at the office . . .

Cleo had a hard day at work!


Here's Benjamin practicing his extreme poses and keeping me entertained!

Ben's Funny Pose

Julie heard from former NEDCC paper conservator Claire Grund - who is now working in the nursing profession.  ♥

I sent her the link to this page so she can check in with everyone.  Claire:  "Awwww, that just made my day :)  When all this craziness is over, I want to come say hello to everyone.  Much love to all!"


Just thought I'd send you a couple of photos of what I've been up to while at home. As is the case across the country, there have been food shortages and butter has been particularly hard to find. Luckily, it's nearly Easter and bunny-shaped butter sculptures are an adorable solution for when plain old sticks of butter are nowhere to be found. This bunny ended up being turned into a salted brown butter chocolate chip cookie. 

Butter Bunny  Resulting Cookie [Editor's note: I WANT THAT COOKIE!!!]



With Pasqualino, sitting in front of the fire.

In front of the fire.


Busman's Holiday - My home workbench getting used for its intended purpose!

Book Project 1   Book Project 2

Book Project 3   Book Project 4



Here are our two sillies, Viper (the greyhound) and Corona (poor guy is NOT a virus!), the Pitti mix. They entertain during the lock-in.

Viper and Corona (not a virus!)



Meet Ruth.

She gets the chair while I sit on the floor to do my work.  :)

Ruth Saves Her Place    Ruth Helps



Bee hive is still dressed for the winter but the bees are flying around and bringing pollen home from, I don't know where.

        Bees       Bee hive



Jeneen wins first place in the Methuen Team Trivia Facebook Group! 

Team Trivia



Bill institutes the Staff Communication emails and sends a photo of family member Stackolee.  Then when Ola Belle felt left out, a photo of both.  Also a shot of Bill's 'Situation Room.'

Stackolee      Olla Belle and Stackolee

Situation Room



A video game came out last Friday called, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" that lets you build a museum with things you collect. Here are a few screenshots of the exhibits. Lto R, Fossil Exhibit,  Aquarium (tuna and anchovies), and Aquarium (Sturgeon.)  The sturgeon has a tie to conservation as we use Sturgeon's Glue (Isinglass) for mending and consolidation.

Fossil Exhibit     Sturgeon Exhibit    Aquarium Exhibit



Here's Ruth!!



Cats enjoying home.

Let meowt !!!!   Cat in the sun



Our barn mission.

Barn    Barn at night


My kittie Pasqualino.  He is VERY happy to have company and have me at home, though he sleeps most of the day!




Maple Syrup!

Sap bucket    Syrup     More syrup



Completes the world's most difficult picture puzzle.




Keep 'em coming, everyone!!