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Preservation Needs Assessments

How to Work with NEDCC on a Preservation Needs Assessment 

Obtaining a Letter of Commitment

To obtain a letter of commitment for a preservation needs assessment, contact an NEDCC Preservation Specialist.  Be prepared to provide information about the scope and size of the collections (e.g., linear feet, number of volumes or boxes, etc.).  This will allow the Preservation Specialist to determine the amount of time needed on-site.  A written letter of commitment outlining the scope of the assessment and a cost estimate, along with a copy of the consultant’s resume, can generally be sent within one business day.


Contact the Preservation Specialist directly to schedule your site visit.  To allow both the consultant and the client adequate preparation time, site visits are generally scheduled a minimum of one month in advance.  Existing commitments may require scheduling several months in advance.

Preparing for the Assessment

Upon scheduling the site visit, the consultant will send a copy of NEDCC’s Pre-Visit Questionnaire, to be completed and returned by the client approximately two weeks prior to the date of the site visit.  The Questionnaire is an important component of the assessment process, providing the consultant with information about project goals, local priorities, and basic information about the building, collection management and storage practices.

Delivery of the Report

A draft of the report is generally sent to the client 8 to 10 weeks after completion of the site visit.  Clients are asked to review the report and communicate any necessary changes or corrections within a month of receipt.  The final report will be delivered as soon as possible thereafter.


Letters of commitment are provided free of charge.  Cost estimates include consulting time (generally one day on-site and four days to prepare the report) and travel expenses.

Letters of Commitment for Grant Applications

NEDCC frequently works with cultural institutions to provide letters of commitment and staff resumes to support grant applications.  If you are planning to apply for a grant, please be sure to take note of the grant application deadline, and contact NEDCC as early as possible in the process to discuss your project. 

Appraisal and Authentication

NEDCC does not authenticate, appraise, date, or attribute historic and artistic works. If you wish to consider the market value of an object, please consult a professional appraiser.  To find an appraiser, please visit the websites of either the Appraisers Association of America or the American Society of Appraisers

Financial Terms

Payment is due when an invoice has been issued.  This is generally done upon delivery of the final report.  Any other payment terms must be authorized through the Center’s financial office.


E-mail Ann Marie Willer, Director of Preservation Services
(978) 470-1010, ext. 223


Sources of Funding for Preservation Needs Assessments

Funding for preservation assessments is available from a variety of state and federal funding agencies. Visit NEDCC's Funding Sources for more information and deadlines.