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class 8 lesson plan

Treatment Options


This class introduces students to conservation strategies appropriate for general collections performed by in-house collection care units and contract library binders, as well as a range of conservation treatments for special collection materials performed by professional conservators. Requirements and decision-making processes for the three approaches will be considered. Principles of conservation will be outlined and illustrated. The need for conservation to function as an integral part of institutional activities is emphasized throughout the class. Because issues and information surrounding conservation are complex, they cannot be fully explored in one class. The goal instead is to provide students with a basic understanding of issues and available approaches.

The lesson is divided into five 30-minute parts, allowing additional time to discuss one or more units of particular interest to the instructor or students:

Part I: Introduction to Book Construction and Common Types of Damage. Includes an overview of the structure of a typical cloth case binding, along with an exercise that allows students to examine real examples of damage and challenges them to make decisions about how to address the problems presented.

Part II: Elements of a Conservation Program. Presents the general elements of a program to address conservation needs. The overall decision-making process is emphasized, using examples from library binding, in-house conservation, and outside conservation activities.

Part III: Treatment Options for Circulating Collections. An overview of the options for damaged circulating materials, including binding, in-house repair, replacement, reformatting, and/or rehousing.

Part IV: Special Collections Conservation. An introduction to the basic principles of special collections conservation, along with guidelines for working with a professional conservator.

Part V: Treatment Options for Special Collection Materials. An overview of options for conservation of books and paper objects.