Creating Long-Lasting Inkjet Prints


  1. For more information about printing technologies see chapter 3 in Harald Johnson’s Mastering Digital Printing.  
  2. In 2000, an Orange Shift problem resulted with the Epson Premium Glossy and Luster Photo microporous papers. Shortly after printing on these papers, sometimes even after 24 hours, a severe color shift occurred, and sometimes shifting the image to a bright orange. Even though coatings provide better image quality they also allow gasses to more easily permeate the paper. Epson has since reformulated the papers.
  3. See for more information.  
  4. Cold storage (near 32°F) of these materials may be another option since it is highly recommended method for other traditional color materials.  See Henry Wilhelm’s The Care and Permanence of Color Photographs for more information on cold storage.  
  5. “However, research within ASTM International Subcommittee D01.57 is active, and that in our January meeting we hope to continue the development of a standard specification.  We already have a test method that will work, with some adjustments and numerous round-robin verifications; we have a major manufacturer of printers and inks that has agreed to send a technical representative; and we have artists who use the printed digital media for art:  all essential players in any effort to write a consensus standard.”  (Gottsegen:  August 2006)