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Give the Gift of History and Art  

Join us in Crowdfunding for Preservation!

Dear Friends,

This holiday season, we ask you to support the preservation of history and art collections by donating directly to those dedicated historical societies, museums, libraries, and archives that care for books, maps, photographs, documents, works of art on paper, audio recordings, and other collections. These artifacts tell our story. They are our history, our memory, our culture.

NEDCC has initiated a Crowdfunding for Preservation program to help institutions raise funds for conservation, digitization, and audio preservation projects.  We have posted a list of items in need of funding and have provided information on their history and significance.

We encourage you to browse the crowdfunding listings and choose a project that interests you. Your donation will go directly to the collecting institution. 

Part of NEDCC’s mission is to serve as an advocate for preservation by raising public awareness of preservation issues. Our nation’s important collections in need of conservation treatment and digitization far outnumber the few funding opportunities currently available through federal, state, and foundation grants. Increasingly, the responsibility for preserving our history is in ALL of our hands.

NEDCC’s ultimate mission is to help preserve our nation’s historical collections for posterity.  Although we appeal to you as a patron of history and art today, those who will ultimately benefit from the Center’s services and resources are your children, your grandchildren, and their children. 

We encourage you to donate in a family member’s name, in memory of a loved one, or as an individual.  Please visit NEDCC’s Crowdfunding for Preservation page and make a donation today, large or small.

You can make a difference in preserving America's culture and history. Give the gift that matters.

Many thanks!

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