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Update from NEDCC - Online Programs Continue



On May 18, 2020, after 55 days under the COVID-19 order to close nonessential businesses, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts entered Phase I of reopening. In terms of which businesses may reopen during Phase I, the Commonwealth’s policy now focuses on risk assessment rather than categorizing operations as “essential” versus “nonessential.” Because NEDCC meets the OSHA standards for a “Low Risk” operation and has developed and implemented policies and procedures to fully comply with the Commonwealth’s “Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces,” we are once again open for business. 

LEARN MORE about our reopening policies and procedures.

Online, Email, Phone, AND vIRTUAL Services Continue

Our Preservation Specialists are available to answer questions and to provide advice on preservation planning, emergency preparedness, best practices for caring for collections, and many more topics.  Contact: "Ask NEDCC"

NEDCC's 24/7 Emergency Hotline remains fully staffed and available.

The Center's Preservation Webinars will continue as scheduled.  (Also note the available free webinars in the On Demand Training section.) 

Take advantage of NEDCC's Free Resources, including the new Digital Preservation Assessment publications, the Preservation Leaflets, the Preservation 101 Textbook and the Fundamentals of Audiovisual Preservation TextbookResources for Town, Municipal, and County Clerks, and many more.

Outreach Conservator Tahe Zalal works remotely from North Carolina and is available for advice and guidance on conservation of collections.  

Virtual Site Visits

If you are able to access your facility, Tahe is offering free Virtual Site Visits using Skype, Facetime, or Zoom, including a tour of your exhibit spaces, storage, and areas of concern - or pride!  She can discuss specific objects with condition issues such as books, works on paper, manuscripts, maps, photographic and audio materials, and help you determine preservation goals for collections.

If you are unable to access your facility, Tahe is also available for free online meetings with your team, for advice, questions, or brainstorming sessions. 

NEDCC is here for you. Please let us know how we can help. 
Thank you, and stay well!



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