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NEDCC staff members will be out-and-about and on hand in the exhibit hall to answer your questions and provide free advice on preserving your collections. Be sure to say hello!


Claire Grund, Associate Conservator - Claire has worked in the field of paper conservation since 2003, and can offer specific advice on treatment and digitization options and preservation planning. She is a member of the Book and Paper Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC), and a member of the Guild of Book Workers. Claire is often on the road around the country visiting institutions - so feel free to check in with her to see if she might be in your region in the upcoming months. 

Frances Harrell - Senior Preservation Specialist. Frances will be presenting "Digital Preservation for Individuals and Small Institutions" with LYRASIS on Saturday at 9am. Frances is the project manager for NEDCC’s “Digital Assessment Training: Building a Framework, Building a Community,” funded by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The project will present a collaborative digital assessment training program, which will approach digital preservation and training through case-study assessments, shadowing opportunities, workshops, and a Digital Assessment Institute.

Frances is a resource for assessments, consultations, and training throughout the southeast, since she now works from her home office in Savannah, Georgia.


NEDCC’S Expanded Audio Preservation Service is Up and Running

The Center’s Audio Preservation Service now provides digitization of audio media using traditional and optical-scanning technologies for open reel quarter-inch audio tape; compact cassette tape; digital audio tape (DAT); wax cylinders; metal master discs; lacquer discs; and other rare formats. The best candidates for NEDCC’s specialized service include collections that demand a higher level of care and skill, such as one-of-a-kind oral histories, ethnographic field recordings, unique live recordings of music, speeches, etc, and recordings on fragile or damaged media. NEDCC provides 100% attended transfers, and deliverables are monitored 100% by ear (not software.)

NEDCC's Book and Paper Conservation Labs work closely with the Center's Digital Imaging Studios 

Optimum image capture often takes place during conservation treatment, and NEDCC's Book and Paper Conservation Laboratories work closely with the Center's In-house Imaging Studios.  The Center's conservators consult with photographers to determine the best approach for imaging an object, and advise on careful handling of rare and fragile materials. NEDCC’s Imaging Studios perform high quality digitization in compliance with FADGI specifications. 

NEDCC Serves Cultural Institutions Nationwide

The Center serves clients large and small across the country, offering paper, book, and photograph conservation and digital imaging, as well as collection- and item-by-item assessments, consultations on a wide variety of collections concerns, including disaster preparedness, proper housing and storage, and collections considerations during renovation.

The Center Offers FREE advice through the "Ask NEDCC" service

You can email or call with your preservation-related questions and our Preservation Services team will provide you with answers and advice. The free service is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities. 


QUESTIONS about conservation, digitization, audio preservation or training?
Michael Lee, Director of Paper and Photograph Conservation
Mary Patrick Bogan, Director of Book Conservation
Terrance D'Ambrosio, Director of Digital Imaging
Bryce Roe, Manager of Audio Preservation Services
Ann Marie Willer, Director of Preservation Services


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