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NEDCC Announces New Audio Preservation Services

With the assistance of AVPreserve, NEDCC has completed a year-long business planning study to  expand its digital audio preservation service for libraries, archives, and museums to include traditional methods for digitally reformatting non-grooved legacy audio carriers.  This new service will build upon NEDCC’s successful implementation of “IRENE,” the IMLS-funded optical scanning technology developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Library of Congress for digitizing discs, cylinders, and other grooved audio carriers.

NEDCC is now investing in the additional facilities, equipment, and staffing to offer reformatting of audio content on a variety of other obsolete media, such as magnetic and digital audio tape, using more traditional approaches.  NEDCC acknowledges the generous support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for underwriting both the audio business planning study and the implementation of its full audio preservation service.

The new Audio Preservation Service is expected to launch in the coming months.  Modeled after NEDCC’s targeted approach to digital imaging, NEDCC’s audio preservation service will help fill a much-needed niche of providing 1:1 transfers with 100% quality control, particularly for those highly-valued collections that deserve a specialized (rather than high-throughput / bargain-price) workflow. 

Because NEDCC is a conservation center, its service will also place emphasis on the preservation of the carrier as well as its audio contents.  In addition to digitization, NEDCC will offer collection- and item-level surveys, cleaning, treatment, and re-housing using vetted and transparent (i.e., non-proprietary) approaches.


Contact: Bryce Roe, Manager of Audio Preservation Services

NEDCC, 100 Brickstone Square, Andover, MA 01810-1494 • 978-470-1010 • nedcc.org

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