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2018 Digital Directions



Digital Direction 2018 –  Conference Wrap-up

The Digital Directions conference took place on October 15-16 this year in Atlanta, Georgia. Participants came from 27 states, as well as Canada and Trinidad and Tobago. Conference sessions included a range of topics useful for those who are just beginning a digital preservation program or project, and also covered updated standards and good practice recommendations for those who are well into their digital programs and needed a refresher.

Participants commented on the benefits of attending:

  • Although I had a patchwork knowledge of digital collections management from several years of self-directed study, the Digital Directions conference provided me with the solid foundation I need to move forward and build a truly comprehensive program.

  • Attending this conference will help me improve the metadata that will be used for the library's web archive collection. Also, it will help me decide what items the library may want to digitize and in what order. Finally, it has provided me sources to seek out for help with digitizing parts of the collection.

  • This conference will directly benefit the collections and institution since after the conference we will be writing and updating our policies and plans relating to our digital collections.

  • I now have tools to use to archive social media and web sites, and more knowledge to use when applying for grants.

  • This conference is going to help us plan and implement a digital program from the ground up.

  • After this conference, we digital preservation newbies in the museum/archive field have the knowledge, resources, community, and empowerment to take our first steps in the right direction. We are creating drafts of new policies and plans that will be approved and implemented at our organization. I was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming attitude in a field that can seem intimidating for someone unfamiliar with best practices in digital preservation. I will definitely seek support to attend this conference again! Thank you all so much! What a fantastic experience.

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2017 Seattle, WA 
2016 Denver, CO 
2015 Raleigh, NC 
2014 Portland, OR 
2013 Ann Arbor, MI 
2012 Boston, MA 
2010 Grand Canyon, AZ
2009 San Diego, CA 
2008 Jacksonville, FL 

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