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Writing your neh preservation assistance grant

NEDCC highly recommends applying for a Preservation Assistance Grant for Smaller Institutions (PAG) from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for grants of up to $6,000.

The free one-hour webinar offers tips on preparing a successful grant application. 

Why Apply for the NEH  Preservation Assistance Grant?

1.  PAG funding can jumpstart your preservation program with a Preservation Needs Assessment. Need a roadmap? Start here!

2.  Develop your staff and volunteer skills – by using grant funds to attend existing trainings or to develop a custom on-site workshop with an expert.

3.  Get your digital collections on the right track with a PAG-funded digital preservation consultation.

4.  A PAG-funded Preservation Needs Assessment can lay the groundwork for more funding in the future.

5.  The easy five-page grant application is a great way for small organizations to gain confidence in grant writing.

Eligible Activities for NEH PAG Grants

–  Education and Training
–  Preservation Needs Assessments
–  Collection-level assessments
–  Consultations
–  Purchase of:  Preservation Supplies, Storage Furniture, or Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Grant Deadline:  May 2, 2017

QUESTIONS about working with NEDCC to develop a PAG project? 
Contact: Frances Harrell, NEDCC Interim Director of Preservation Services

COMPLETE Information and NEH Guidelines HERE

writing your preservation assistance grant
webinar recording - march 1, 2017

View webinar recording here

Download slide handouts for this webinar:

Writing Your Preservation Assistance Grant


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