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NECCC | Northeast Document Conservation Center

Your Nonprofit Resource for Preservation and Conservation of Your Town's Historic Records

NEDCC Serves Town and City Clerks throughout New England, and the Center is well-known for expertise in handling rare and fragile materials. Your earliest town records are historic artifacts that require extra care in order to ensure their preservation for future generations while retaining their historic value. 


NEDCC’S Preservation Services Team can advise on issues such as proper shelving and storage enclosures; your building and collections environment; emergency preparedness for collections; collections security; and creating a preservation plan. Preservation Specialists can present customized workshops or webinars, and are available to perform preservation assessments onsite.
Preservation Services Staff Contacts   

‘Ask NEDCC’ – The Center provides a FREE telephone or email reference service for questions about caring for historic town records.  (NEDCC is partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to provide free information on caring for collections.)
Ask NEDCC    

Resources for Town and Municipal Clerks - Specifically useful resources for clerks responsible for preserving their town or city's early records, posted on NEDCC's website.
Resources for Town and Municipal Clerks    

NEDCC Offers Training and Free Resources to help you care for your historic records.
- Preservation Training Webinars
- Free Resources
- Preservation 101: The Free Online Course on Preservation Basics for Paper and Media Collections 
Get an overall view of your role in preserving your town’s historic materials - learn the A to Z of caring for your records.

NEDCC Provides Conservation Treatment for bound volumes, documents, maps, photographs, and other historic materials held by clerks’ offices. The Center’s conservators work closely with the client to provide the most appropriate and affordable treatment for each object. 
- Book Conservation
- Paper Conservation    

NEDCC's Imaging Services department specializes in the safe digitization of fragile, rare, and historically-significant collections; items that are unusual or difficult to handle; and large or unusual collections that may exceed town and city clerk's in-house capabilities and time commitments.
Imaging Services   

LEARN MORE: Preservation vs. Conservation - What's the Difference?

‘Preservation’ refers to the overall care of historical records, to ensure that they will be available for future generations.

‘Conservation’ includes examination, documentation, treatment, and preventative care, supported by research and education.  
[As defined by the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)]

Need Advice on the preservation of your rare and fragile historic town records?

NEDCC is here to help! 

NEDCC, 100 Brickstone Square, Andover, MA 01810-1494 • 978-470-1010 • nedcc.org


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