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About Imaging Services at NEDCC

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digitization of cultural heritage materials

NEDCC's technical photographers are experts in the digitization of paper, book, and film collections and work closely with the Center's conservators. Digital imaging can be performed as a stand-alone project or in conjunction with a conservation treatment. Imaging Services include:

  • Book and Paper Digitization
  • Oversize Imaging
  • Film Reformatting
  • Archival Print Reproduction
  • X-Ray Film Scanning

NEDCC’s photographers are experienced in the careful handling of rare and fragile cultural heritage materials, and their workflow procedures are designed for efficiency as well as high quality. The Center’s sophisticated digitization systems employ high resolution camera systems, using flash lighting to minimize total light exposure. NEDCC offers fine ink-jet reproduction printing on acid- and lignin-free papers using pigmented inks to produce long-lasting prints suitable for use as archival surrogates or exhibition quality reproductions.

Oversize Materials

NEDCC has developed an oversize imaging studio capable of imaging very large items using a custom-designed X Y positioning platform, special flat field optics, and a precision camera system.  Multiple images are captured with flash lighting and reassembled using image-stitching techniques to create image files of the highest resolution and quality.

Film reformatting

NEDCC has expanded its film reformatting studio to handle a broader range of delicate photographic material and unusual formats. NEDCC can digitize long-roll, wide-format black and white film, and all common amateur and professional film sizes from APS to 4"x5" in color negative, color transparency, and black and white.  Using specialized equipment, we can also work with lantern slides, glass plates, nitrate negatives, and virtually any non-standard film format.

X-Ray Film Digitization

NEDCC digitizes X-Ray film using a specialized laser scanning system capable of scanning film up to 14" X 17."  NEDCC's X-Ray scanning software includes measurement tools, annotation fields, false color rendition views and a detailed magnification viewer. There is an urgency to address the reformatting of these materials, because many acetate based X-Ray films used well into the 1980s are degrading with vinegar syndrome. (This service is available thanks to a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2008.)

REMEMBER: Do-it-yourself digitization is not always a cost saver when working with large collections or unique materials.

Are you:

  • Limited in staff and time for large film reformatting projects? 
  • Frustrated by the snail's pace of your flatbed scanner?
  • Nervous about working with your nitrate negatives? 
  • Overwhelmed by other projects that demand your attention?


Need advice?
Interested in working with NEDCC on an imaging project?

Contact: Terrance D'Ambrosio, Director of Imaging Services, 978-470-1010