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Free Resources

Part of NEDCC’s mission is to help improve the conservation efforts of libraries, archives, historical organizations, and museums. 

The Center offers many free resources and services that help support the preservation efforts of cultural heritage institutions as well as private and family collectors.

NEDCC’s free services and resources are made possible in part by support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Many of the Center’s resources were developed with support from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Mellon Foundation, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, corporate sponsors, and other funding agencies and private foundations. 



NEDCC answers your preservation questions for free

Audio Preservation Resources

Book Conservation and Preservation Resources

California Emergency Preparedness Consultations

No-cost for cultural organizations

Caring for Private and Family Collections

Tips on caring for collections


Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness

Digital Imaging Resources

Digital Preservation

Further reading on digital preservation

Disaster Assistance

Free 24/7 Phone Advice on Handling Collections-related Disasters

Fundamentals of AV Preservation

Free Online Introduction to Preservation of AV Collections

Funding Opportunities

Sources for funding conservation or preservation

Further Reading

on preservation topics

International Training Programs

Central and Eastern Europe

NEDCC Publications

Publications to help preserve your collections

Paper Conservation and Preservation Resources

Photograph Conservation and Preservation Resources

Preservation 101

Free Online Introduction to Preservation of Paper and Media Collections

Preservation Education Curriculum

A free, ready-to-use curriculum

Preservation Leaflets

Free printable leaflets on a variety of topics

Recursos en español

Publicaciones de preservación digital en español

Resources for Municipal and County Clerks

Free advice from professionals

Video Training and Information

Vital Records Replacement

Guidelines for replacing documents and records