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NEDCC Curbside Service

Curbside Service Procedures

For clients who prefer to minimize contact with others, NEDCC offers curbside service for the delivery and retrieval of conservation, digital imaging and audio preservation projects.  


Prior to visiting NEDCC, we suggest you discuss your project and goals with one of our department directors or conservators-of-the-day. Call us at (978) 470-1010, email us at [email protected], or view our staff contact list here: When you have settled on a date and approximate time, please notify us so we can ensure a staff member is available to assist you. Same-day visits are possible, as long as we have some advance notice.  


Several designated visitor parking spaces, numbered A25-A29, are located to the left of the main (south) entrance to Building 100 fronting on the Route 133 (Haverhill Street) side. Please call our receptionist when you arrive at (978) 470-1010 and allow 5-10 minutes for a staff member to get down to your vehicle.  


We also encourage clients to ship projects to NEDCC whenever it is appropriate and we are happy to provide guidance. Instructions for packing and shipping methods can be found here for paper and photographic collections, and here for audio collections.  You may also consult our registrar, Jonathan Goodrich.


Payments can be accepted by check or credit card either before or during your visit. NEDCC staff will record your card information on paper for processing by our staff accountant. All card information will be safely destroyed thereafter and emailed receipts are available upon request. 



NEDCC Registrar Jonathan Goodrich,  (978) 470-1010, extension 215