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Audio Preservation Resources


NEDCC offers training programs focused on an array of preservation topics. Below is a list of topics related to audio preservation. Visit the Current Training Programs page for descriptions and registration dates.

  • Fundamentals of AV Preservation
  • Metadata for Audio Collections Webinar
  • Salvaging Damaged Books, Paper, and AV Collections Webinar
  • Storing Audiovisual Collections Webinar
  • Writing Grants for Audio Preservation and Reformatting Webinar - Free Webinar


NEDCC Webpages

Cleaning Lacquer Discs HTML
History of the IRENE Project at NEDCC HTML 

Preservation Leaflets

Storage and Handling
4.6 Packing and Shipping Audio Media HTML PDF

6.5 Digital Preservation HTML
6.6 Preservation and Selection for Digitization HTML
6.7 Outsourcing and Vendor Relations HTML


Fundamentals of AV Preservation HTML
Preservation 101 Online Textbook - Session 6: Media Collections


Disc Cleaning with a Keith Monks Machine, NEDCC Short
Learn how NEDCC cleans discs when necessary to improve transfer quality, using a Keith Monks Machine.

Preserving the Legacy of Vernon “Dr. Daddy-O” Winslow, Tulane University
Using a grant from the GRAMMY Museum, Tulane University has digitized the recordings of radio pioneer Vernon “Dr. Daddy-O” Winslow, New Orleans’ first Black DJ. Some were digitized at NEDCC.

Thermal Treatment for Audiotapes with Sticky Shed, NEDCC Short
Learn more about "sticky shed " in certain types of audiotapes, and how NEDCC handles the preservation of these at-risk recordings.


Visit the NEDCC Stories page for all Audio Preservation stories.



Preserving Community Voice: HBCU Radio Preservation Project at Elizabeth City State University



Frogs and Jazz: A Story on Recording Speeds


Putting the Band Back Together! Using Cutting-edge Technology to Recover Sounds from the Past


The Radio Haiti Archive Recordings: A Technical Audio Preservation Challenge - The Worst of the Worst


A Day in the Life of An NEDCC Audio Preservation Engineer - 100% Attended Transfers for Unique Audio Recordings


Hidden Gems: The IRENE Technology Helps Preserve a Lost Native Alaskan Dialect


WWII Veteran's Recording Recovered with the IRENE Technology


1951 Radio Transcription – Boston Bookmobile Driver Interview

A Hefty Challenge for IRENE: Working with Delaminating Lacquer Discs

A Visit from Edison

Cracked and Damaged: The Mystery Cylinder

IRENE Tested on Aluminum Discs

Lacquer Disc Recording of the CBS Symphony Orchestra

Long-Silent Voices of Poets Recovered with IRENE

New Hope for Damaged Media

Wax Cylinders from Middlebury College