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Who We Are / What We Do

Founded in 1973, the Northeast Document Conservation Center was the first independent conservation laboratory in the United States to specialize exclusively in the conservation and preservation of paper-based collections. NEDCC provides professional conservation treatment for books, maps, photographs, documents, parchment, papyrus, manuscripts, architectural plans, and works of art on paper. NEDCC treats many highly significant paper and photographic objects and continues to be the premiere center for the most difficult conservation challenges.

NEDCC’s Imaging Services department provides high-quality digital imaging and specializes in rare, historic, and oversize materials, as well as X-Ray Film scanning and reformatting for black and white and color negative films and color transparencies. Optimum image capture often takes place during conservation treatment, and NEDCC's book and paper conservation labs work closely with the Center's imaging studios. Because of this unique collaboration, The Center's conservators are able to consult with photographers to determine the best approach for imaging an object and advise on careful handling of rare and fragile materials. The Imaging department can provide preservation-oriented rehousing alongside digitization.

NEDCC's Audio Preservation Services digitizes audio media using traditional and optical-scanning methods, and provides 100% attended transfers, and 100% quality control. Recordings on grooved media such as wax cylinders and discs are reformatted using the IRENE technology's optical approach, which was developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and tested at the Library of Congress.  The department provides fully attended transfers for magnetic and digital audio tape and compact discs. The Center’s Preservation Services department offers training, assessments, consultations, free web resources, and 24-hour disaster assistance for collections.

NEDCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a board of directors that includes state librarians, business leaders, and distinguished colleagues.

NEDCC adheres to the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works in all its treatments and programming.

old-hammersWhat Makes NEDCC Unique  


NEDCC’s staff members have years of experience in the careful handling of some of the nation’s most significant historic materials.


The Center’s imaging, conservation, and preservation departments work closely together, providing a level of expertise many times higher than the experience of any one staff member.


Conservation treatment and digitization of original materials are performed at the same facility, minimizing the risks of transporting fragile objects. NEDCC’s facility provides sophisticated security and climate controls.


NEDCC is a trusted source of information on caring for collections, both physical and digital. The Center is a national leader in training on digital preservation and can offer advice on building sustainable digital collections. Through federal and foundation funding, the Center has developed a range of highly regarded preservation aids, including dPlan™, COSTEP, the Preservation Education Curriculum, and Preservation 101.