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Funding Opportunities

A number of funding agencies make grants available for assessments, conservation treatment, digitization, audio preservation, and other preservation activities. NEDCC can help plan and carry out these grant-funded activities and can offer advice on planning proposals.

To begin a conversation about working with NEDCC on a grant project, contact: [email protected], call 978-470-1010, or visit our Staff Pages for direct contacts.


Deadlines at a glance

12/31/22 - RIHRAB Professional Development Support Funds | Award supports individuals working and volunteering in Rhode Island institutions seeking professional development in archives. Eligible activities include NEDCC Preservation Training programs.
01/11/23 - NEH Public Humanities Projects | Award supports conservation treatment. 
01/12/23 NEH Preservation Assistance Grants for Smaller Institutions (PAG) | Award supports assessing the preservation needs of cultural heritage collections. Continue the conversation with NEDCC Preservation Services.
01/12/23 - NEH Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections | Award supports preservation, conservation, and resilience planning, such as disaster planning.
02/01/23 - IMLS/AAM Museum Assessment Program (MAP) | Award supports assessments.
02/09/23 - NEA Grants for Arts Projects (round 1) | Award supports conservation and preservation.
04/01/23 - NHPRC-Mellon Planning Grants for Collaborative Digitial Editions in African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, and Native American History and Ethnic Studies | Award supports assessments and professional development.
06/06/23 - NEA Grants for Arts Projects (round 2) | Award supports conservation and preservation.
06/18/23 - NEH Humanities Collections and Reference Resources Grants (HCRR) | Award supports planning, assessments, digitization, rehousing, and conservation treatment leading to enhanced access.


Fundraising and Grant Writing Tips 

Browse free on-demand webinars on creative fundraising for preservation and writing your preservation assistance grant.  Visit NEDCC's Crowdfunding for Preservation page to learn how to create a successful fundraising campaign using social media and crowdfunding.

Helpful webinars include:
Getting Ready for Preservation Grant Season
Writing Grants for Audio Preservation and Reformatting
Writing Your Preservation Assistant Grant
Starting a Conservation Project: How to Get the Most Out of Your Money
Creative Fundraising for Preservation