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I just want to send you all a big THANK YOU for all the preservation information you have collected & presented in such an excellent way on your website. Every visit is pure joy! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all your hard work! Greetings from Sweden!

I am a Master of Library and Information Studies student at UBC in Vancouver, BC and have found the NEDCC site an incredibly useful source for a preservation class!

NEDCC’s Preservation Workshops and Webinars

I run the archives department of a mid-sized Catholic diocese. Upper management is discussing renovations and moving, but have not included me in any of the discussions. This course will allow me to (1) better advocate for our collections, (2) educate management on the risks of moving/renovation, and (3) prove my concerns are not mine alone but shared by all archives and libraries in similar situations.

                                             — Moving and Renovating: Collection Concerns Webinar participant

Working in a small institution, webinars like these are invaluable for my professional development, and the future of our organization. We have very little in terms of staff resources and budget, and we do not have a dedicated grant writer, so opportunities such as these are necessary in order to gain additional funding for preservation and other projects.

                                  — Writing Your NEH Preservation Assistance Grant Free Webinar participant

The information gleaned from the webinar was transmitted to both the Coordinator of Research and Instruction Services as well as our Digital Services Librarian and will be extremely useful not only in the routine aspects of my role as Archivist and Curator of Special Collections, but specifically in terms of a proposed grant-funded project building a digital collection of local history materials. Copyright is a maddeningly gray area in so many aspects, so that each additional training I can receive helps to shed a bit more light on the matter.

                                                                         — Copyright for Digital Projects Webinar participant

After taking this workshop, I will be able to properly identify my institution’s collection of prints. I will be able to teach other members of my staff to appreciate the processes behind making prints. Our library has a number of books containing prints that no one was able to identify.

— Identification and Care of Prints Workshop participant

Because the webinar has no travel, hotel, or other expenses, it was more economical than to attend a seminar in person. The quality of information given and of the presentation is high, and it allows the exchange of ideas between professionals.

— Care and Handling of Photographs Webinar participant

This webinar will help to preserve our photo collection by giving us the information we need in order to do it correctly, which in the long run will save time and money. I will immediately start to identify our “problem” photos and take steps to better preserve them, and then will start placing the rest of our collection in the proper containers for storage. I will also study cold storage options to see if that’s something we can pursue.

— Care and Handling of Photographs Webinar participant

Since digitization is the hot topic in archives, and since the recent archival program I graduated from did not address digitization, having reputable, affordable educational resources like this is a boon to professionals who wish to keep abreast of practices and issues. This course is my entry into understanding digitization. Particularly, I came into this webinar not understanding how institutions authenticated digital information accessed by consumers. Now I know.

— Fundamentals of Digitization: Sustainable Digital Collections Webinar participant

We are deep in our planning process for a large scale digitization project for the art we keep in our corporate archive. For the most part, this session really just confirmed that we're on the right track in terms of the broad scope of what we're planning and considering as we move forward. NEDCC is such a great resource and one that we trust, and so it's reassuring that our process thus far has been in line with what was taught in this course.

— Fundamentals of Digitization: Introduction to Image Capture Webinar participant

Book and Paper Conservation

We were overcome, amazed, and thrilled with how the scrapbook turned out. The Northeast Document Conservation Center certainly performs magic. Not only is the conservation work you achieved excellent, but in every meeting and communication you all were pleasant and efficient to do business with. We felt you were bending over backwards to help us. Thank you!

                                                                                                                         — Conservation Client

I'm so very glad we connected in person. I am totally awed at what has happened to the family album!  It was good to connect with long lost relatives of a younger generation, and great that the album can help to fill in some blanks in our genealogy.

                                                                                                                            — Conservation Client

Thank you so much for the beautiful work done on our church record book. When we delivered it to the Pastor, he was so touched and in awe of the final product. You made everything so easy for us! Thanks you for your kindness and patience. It has been a wonderful pleasure to work with you.

— Conservation Client

I received the charcoal drawing today. The drawing is beautiful, your work superb! Thank you so much for your efforts and more importantly, your care.

— Conservation Client

Digital Imaging

Our nautical charts, digital files, and prints arrived safe and sound. Thank you all so much for all of your wonderful work - including packing for safe transport! We will be sure to give you credit in any exhibits, publications, or web offerings we develop. It was a real pleasure working with NEDCC on what, for us, was such a big project.

                                                                                     — Conservation and Digital Imaging Client

It was so interesting to replace our old, inhouse-produced flatbed scanner photos with the new NEDCC professional-quality photos today, such a change in tonal quality. Like magic the old image morphed into the new one as I replaced each in the public viewing software, quite dramatic! And to make things even better, a new patron just ordered the first four photos for publication in a forthcoming book.  

                                                    — Ann Olszewski, Preservation Manager Cleveland Public Library

Just a note to thank you and all the others at NEDCC involved in the imaging and replication of my map of the Ammunition Train’s route in Europe during World War I. The replica’s quality is stunning; the digital images will allow me to share the map’s information with other researchers and descendants. More importantly, both the replica and the digital files make it more likely that the map and the story it represents will survive the coming years as a lasting reminder of the role my grandfather and others in the unit played in The Great War. From the outset, I’ve been delighted with the professionalism and helpfulness of everyone I’ve encountered at NEDCC, and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you.
                                                  — Digital Imaging Client

Collection-Level Surveys

Many thanks for the quality time we had with Michael Lee on June 23rd at NEDCC during our consultation. Our charitable organization feels the weight of responsibility for our historic, but humble, documents and our conversation with you has headed us in the correct direction. Work to be done! But now we know what to do!


Thanks so much for coming to see our collection. We have accomplished a great deal, the end is sight, we trust that we are pointed in the right direction. Especially since the funding for this phase of our work is in now in place. The guidance that you gave us at the beginning of the project was indispensable. It continues to be the basis and the "bible" for our work. And the material from your recent workshop helped us to take a fresh look at best practices. At the same time we have discovered many treasures in our collection in the course of working on the collection. We increasingly rejoice in sharing them with the greater community.