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Assessments and Consultations


NEDCC offers different types of assessments to evaluate collections. Assessment reports can be used to support fundraising efforts and grant applications. Traditionally, assessments include an on-site visit; however, we now offer remote options and other alternatives to meet the goals of each project. 

Visit “Working with Preservation Assessmentsand Working with Collection Assessmentsfor a  description of the assessment timeline and instructions on how to request a proposal. Or Download the Assessment Fact Sheet, a printable version of the information to present to administration or your planning team.


NEDCC Conservators and Preservation Specialists provide consultation services on many conservation and preservation issues. Some of the most popular include:

  • new building or renovation projects
  • disaster planning
  • environmental management
  • collection storage and housing
  • exhibit practices
  • digital collections policy development, etc.

Please call the Center to discuss a customized consultation.

Outreach Consultations

In addition, NEDCC's Outreach Conservator provides informal consultations free of charge. These visits are two hours or less and can be conducted in person (when possible) or via video conference.

An Outreach Consultation is right for you if you:

  • have a conservation question about a specific item in your collection
  • want a brainstorming partner about conservation projects
  • need general conservation and collections advice

Sources of Funding

Funding for collection and preservation assessments is available from a variety of state and federal funding agencies. Visit NEDCC's Funding Sources for more information and deadlines.

Outreach Conservator Tahe Zalal discusses the preservation of a rare document at the Charleston County South Carolina Register of Deeds with Michael Miller during an Outreach Consultation.LEARN MORE

How can an assessment benefit your collection?
Get an overview of NEDCC's Preservation Services.


For Information about Preservation Assessments: 

See:  Preservation Assessments

Ann Marie Willer
Director of Preservation Services
(978) 470-1010 ext. 223

For Information about Collection-level or Item-level Assessments:

See:  Collection Assessments

Michael Lee,
Director of Paper and Photograph Conservation
(978) 470-1010 ext. 228

Bexx Caswell-Olson,
Director of Book Conservation
(978) 470-1010 ext. 234

Bryce Roe,
Director of Audio Preservation Services
(978) 470-1010 ext. 237

For Information about Outreach Consultations:

Tahe Zalal,
Outreach Conservator
(978) 470-1010 ext. 249

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