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dPlan | ArtsReady - Online Disaster Planning Tool


upgrade coming in May 2022

dPlan and ArtsReady are being upgraded with 21st-century usability and even more features.

dPlan|ArtsReady is an online emergency preparedness and response tool for the arts and cultural heritage sectors. It is usable and functional regardless of an organization’s size, scope, or discipline and is optimized for mobile use.  

  • An intuitive interface that is optimized for viewing on a mobile phone 
  • Guided planning for risk assessment and preparedness actions 
  • Information for response and recovery in disasters large and small 
  • Cloud storage of your critical files for disaster response and business continuity 
  • Expert resources vetted by NEDCC and ArtsReady 
  • Migration of saved data from the current dPlan version to the new interface 
  • Printable versions of your disaster plan for when technology is down 
  • Three levels of read/write/edit permissions 

Subscription Rates

Payment is accepted in U.S. Dollars only, and a credit card number is required for all account registrations.

Individual organization

1 year subscription   $59.40 ($4.95/month)

Bulk purchase – 10% discount

Please contact [email protected] to arrange a bulk purchase, e.g. a consortium purchasing on behalf of its members or a state agency purchasing on behalf of state institutions.

Arts organizations

A limited number of free 1-year subscriptions are available to arts organizations. Fill out this form to receive a discount code: Note that a credit card number is required for all account registrations, even though your amount due will be $0.

Current dPlan Accounts

Data from older dPlan accounts will be migrated to the upgraded dPlan; however, any changes made after December 17, 2021 are not reflected in the new tool. Older dPlan accounts will remain available for viewing and printing through the original online interface until March 30, 2023. Contact [email protected] with any questions.

Pocket Response Resource (PRR)

dPlan|ArtsReady includes the Pocket Response Resource (“PRR”). This free, customizable template is accompanied by the PRR Guides and Resources, a library of basic emergency-planning resources.

Please enter a valid email address to access the PRR Template and Instructions and to receive future updates:

Email address:

PRR Guides and Resources

Click here to access the PRR Guides and Resources, a library of basic emergency-planning resources

Help and FAQ

Do you have a question about dPlan|ArtsReady?

History of dPlan

Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, NEDCC and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) partnered in 2004 to create dPlan, a free online template that allowed museums, libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions of all sizes to develop a customized disaster preparedness and response plan.  A 2017 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant awarded to LYRASIS for the Performing Arts Readiness project included funding to combine and upgrade NEDCC's dPlan with South Arts' ArtsReady online preparedness tool. The new dPlan|ArtsReady was released in 2022.


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