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dPlan: The Online Disaster-Planning Tool

A Free Template for Writing Disaster Plans

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Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, NEDCC and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) partnered in 2004 to create dPlan, a free online program to help institutions write comprehensive disaster plans. dPlan provides a template that allows museums, libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions of all sizes to develop a customized disaster preparedness and response plan.

dPlan can serve the needs of small institutions without in-house preservation staff, as well as library and museum systems that need to develop separate but related plans for multiple locations, and state agencies that need to structure training programs on disaster planning. Each institution’s password-protected plan is stored on a secure server. Visit dPlan to use or view the introductory demo.

For more information and for technical assistance, contact NEDCC at or call (978) 470-1010.


dPlan will be upgraded with 21st-century usability and even more features. Plans for the upgraded tool include:

      • An intuitive and customized interface that maximizes the usability and functionality of the tool, regardless of the institution size
      • Customized plan elements for each organization’s specific needs, collections, and size
      • Guided planning for risk assessment, continuity of operations, public safety, event planning, and response and recovery in disasters large and small
      • Tools for incident management
      • Expert resources vetted by NEDCC
      • A companion mobile app
      • Migration of saved data from the current dPlan version to the new interface
      • Printable version of your disaster plan for when technology is down, including the ability to print only selected sections

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LEARN MORE about the dPlan upgrade project:

Genesis: The funding for the improvements comes from an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant awarded to LYRASIS for the Performing Arts Readiness project, which includes emergency preparedness workshops and consultations in addition to the online tool. LYRASIS has partnered with South Arts and NEDCC to combine and upgrade their respective disaster planning tools, ArtsReady and dPlan.

Timeline: During 2017 the project group held a leadership meeting and two community design workshops (one in-person and one web-based). These workshops, which included current dPlan users, served to identify user needs and wants for the new tool. The project team then hired a software design firm to work on product design and create wireframes for the upgraded tool. During 2018, a proposal for the “build” phase was approved, contracts were finalized, and software development commenced.