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State Grant Opportunities

Granting agencies vary by state, but grant programs for preservation and conservation initiatives are frequently managed by the state library, archives, Department of Education, or Department of Cultural Resources. Regional organizations (such as local heritage networks) may also also provide this funding, as well as foundations across the country.

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Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC)

Boston, MA

MBLC Preservation Assessment Grants

Deadline:   Round 1: January 6, 2020
                    Round 2: June 1, 2020

Grant amount: $4,200

Learn more about changes to the 2020 Preservation Assessment grant process.


Hiring a preservation consultant to conduct an institutional preservation assessment

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MBLC / LSTA Town-wide Preservation Assessment and Collections Identification

Grant Amount: Up to $30,000


The public library and other local repositories will receive a preservation assessment conducted by an MBLC-hired consultant.

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MBLC / LSTA Conserving and Digitizing Library and Archival Materials Grants

  A Letter of Intent must be submitted to the MBLC by December 2019, with the "Conserving and Digitizing Library and Archival Material" option checked off.   

Grant Amounts:  up to $30,000


Conservation treatment and digitization

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Massachusetts State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB)

NHPRC Re-Granting Program

Grant funding through the National Historical Publications and Records Commission  (NHPRC)


Purchase of supplies and materials needed to arrange, describe, preserve, and make accessible archival collections. 

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Massachusetts Community Preservation Coalition
Community Preservation Act (CPA)

Boston, MA


  • Open space protection
  • historic preservation of structures 
  • affordable housing, and outdoor recreation
  • preservation of historic documents and artifacts

CPA funding can also be used for the conservation and preservation of documents and artifacts as "Historic Resources." Learn more about funding conservation treatment through CPA funding.

Eligible Organizations:

Communities in Massachusetts that have created a local Community Preservation Fund.

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Boston, MA

Veteran's Heritage Grants

Deadline: Closed for FY 2020 - watch for new guidelines

Award amounts: Up to $15,000


Eligible projects must be relevant to veterans and their military encounters, and may include:
• preservation or digitization of historic documents and photographs;
• increased access to archival collections;
• oral history projects;
• renovation, rehabilitation, restoration, or enhancement of existing monuments or memorials;
• proposals to construct new markers for historically significant sites;
• planning projects will also be considered.

The program is in its fourth year beyond the initial awards made by the Massachusetts Sesquicentennial Commission of the American Civil War. Over multiple rounds of funding, the SHRAB has awarded over $600,000 in matching funds to over 40 projects across the Commonwealth.

The program is open to Massachusetts municipalities and non-profit organizations, such as libraries, historical societies and commissions, museums, and universities. Grants provide state matching funds of up to 50 percent of a project’s total cost. Applicants can apply for up to $15,000.00 per project.

Maine Humanities Council

Portland, ME

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Funding priorities change periodically, so potential applicants should consult the MHC website for current grant opportunities. Current grant information available here.

Maine State Archives

Augusta, ME

Grants are often available for historical archival and museum collections and facilities projects. The exact nature of the grant programs changes frequently, so be sure to check the Archives’ website for updates before planning to apply.

Historical Records Collections Grant Program: Basic Projects

Submission Deadlines:   Contact the State Archives for deadline info. 
Grant amount: up to $1,000


Basic preservation steps; Description; Digitization

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Historical Records Collections Grants: Major Projects
Deadline: Contact the State Archives for deadline info. 
Grant amount: Up to $4,000


Basic preservation steps; Description; Digitization

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New Century Community Grant
Submission Deadline: June 26, 2020
Award amount: Up to $1,500

The Maine State Archives is pleased to announce the New Century Community Grant Program for the preservation of archival collections. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are finding their resources strained. With limited in-person interaction, this can be a great time for archival projects.

The New Century Community Grant program aims to support and provide needed resources to care for and improve access to the archival collections held in Maine. Funding for the grant program comes from the Maine State Cultural Affairs Council and the Maine State Archives.

Eligible grant activities:

  • Basic preservation steps, rather than item-level conservation work.
  • Describe archival collections in a logical process: A basic inventory of the entire collection, followed by a basic level of organization (description at the collection or series level; housed appropriately) before doing folder or item-level description.
  • Preservation of original information over preservation of the object.
  • Cost effective approaches to the preservation of information.
  • Digitization projects that also ensure the preservation of original material and allow greater public access.

Examples of Projects:

  • purchase storage materials (acid-free folders and boxes, photo sleeves, etc.) and archival quality shelving to rehouse a collection
  • hire an archivist to create a finding aid for a large collection
  • hire an archivist to make recommendations for organizing and storing your collections
  • digital imaging of a photograph or paper collection
  • microfilm unique important records, including town records

Application information and guidelines. 


Contact Kate McBrien, Deputy Secretary of State for Archives

Maine Arts Commission - Bicentennial Grants

Grants support the interests, needs, and local creativity of communities as they plan local commemorations of the state's 2020 Bicentennial and to ensure that citizens throughout Maine have the opportunity to participate in Maine’s Bicentennial commemoration.

Available grants include:

Bicentennial Project Grants - Small
Deadlines: September 1, 2019,  February 1, 2020,  June 1, 2020
Maximum Award: $500 (Required Match: None)


Bicentennial Project Grants - Large
Deadline: September 1, 2019, February 1, 2020, June 1, 2020
Maximum Award: Up to $10,000 (Required Match: 1 to 1 cash or in-kind match is strongly encouraged)

ELIGIBLE GRANT ACTIVITIES should offer context to Maine's Bicentennial Commemoration and could include:

  • Public Programs: Lectures, exhibitions, library series, workshops, discussion groups, etc.
  • Community Events: Parades, fairs, festivals, concerts, performances, reenactments, etc.
  • Preservation Projects: Digitization/processing of collections, publications, oral history initiatives, location-based restoration /interpretation, etc. ("Funds could be used for the conservation treatment of damaged books or documents related to the bicentennial, in preparation for digitization and web access. Applications for projects relating events or exhibits around the conservation/preservation of materials would also be an eligible for review.")  
  • Curriculum Development: Classroom offerings, student projects, field trips, adult learning, etc.

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Maine State Library

The Maine State Library offers a helpful list of funding opportunities in Maine as well as grantwriting tips.

Funding and Grant Sources in Maine

Connecticut State Library

Hartford, CT

Historic Documents Preservation Grant Program 

Grants are available to Connecticut municipalities.

The CT State Library grant program supports municipalities in making significant improvements to the preservation and management of their most valuable records. 


UPDATE as of 4/14/20:

FY21 Cycle 1 application deadline has been moved from April 30th to July 31st, 2020

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New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources - New Hampshire State Library

Concord, NH

Conservation License Plate Grant Program (Mooseplate Grants)

Deadlines: April  - Letter of Intent - Required 
                   June   - Application deadline

Grant amount: up to $10,000


For materials important to the history of  New Hampshire:  Stabilization; conservation treatment; preservation microfilming; digital reformatting; arrangement and description; staffing; preservation needs assessments; archival housing supplies.

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Greater Hudson Heritage Network
Elmsford, NY

Conservation Treatment Grant Program

Deadline EXTENDED: Sept 1, 2020
Grant amount: up to $7,500
Grant period: 1 year


  • Conservation treatment of paintings, works on paper (including individual drawings, watercolors, prints, or  photographs), textiles, furniture, frames, sculpture, and historical, ethnographic, and decorative objects. 
  • Treatment costs for supports, stands, and mounts, that are integral to the treatment of the object.

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Grants for Nassau and Suffolk Counties, NY (Long Island), Now Available Through a Collaboration with Greater Hudson Heritage Network and the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation. 


Funding Priorities Include:

Objects Conservation 

  • Cataloging & Digital Imaging
  • Conservation of Objects
  • Collections Care
  • Acquisitions

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New York State Library

Division of Library Development
Albany, NY

The New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials Discretionary Grant Program

All applications are now submitted online. Deadline date usually November.

New York State Archives 

Office of Cultural Education
New York State Education Department
Albany, NY

New York State Archives Grants and Awards

The New York State Archives offers grants and awards to support, promote and recognize sound archival and records management practices, as well as to encourage creative and valuable uses of archival records. The State Archives administers four grant programs that promote the use and care of records.

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North Carolina Preservation Consortium

Deadline: March 15th annually

Grant Amount: Maximum Award $2,000

Eligible Activities:

  • Preservation Assessments
  • Collection Assessments
  • Preservation Consultations
  • Preservation Project Work
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment
  • Conservation of Collections
  • Education and Training

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OHIO History Fund

The History Fund supports the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by funding local, regional, and statewide projects, programs, and events related to Ohio’s history and pre-history. The fund was developed by the Ohio History Connection with a focus on preserving, interpreting, and presenting Ohio’s cultural heritage.  The fund provides grants in three categories: Organizational Development, Programs & Collections, and Bricks & Mortar.

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Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board

Grants for Ohio Repositories

Deadline: February 
Amounts: $500 to $5,000


Assessment and Strategic Planning; Access, Arrangement, and Description; Preservation Supplies; Website Development

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Rhode Island Foundation

Providence, RI

Joseph O’Neill Ott Fund

Deadline: March
Grant amount: $250 to $750

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Historic New England

Boston, MA

Community Preservation Grants

Each year, Historic New England offers $1,000 Community Preservation Grants to small and mid-size heritage organizations in all six New England states. These grants support projects that raise the visibility of historic preservation and further Historic New England’s Everyone’s History initiative to present diverse stories of life in our region.

Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

Regionally-focused Collections Grants for the Chicago and Lowcountry South Carolina Regions

Deadlines: March 29, 2019, or July 26, 2019

Grant funding is available for:

Learn More

The Foundation advises calling to discuss your project before submitting.

Complete Information and Guidelines

Chicago Office
35 East Wacker Drive
Syite 2600
Chicago, IL 60601

Lowcountry Office
4 North Atlantic Wharf
Charleston, SC 29401


Kentucky Local History Trust Fund

The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) will accept applications for grant funding from the Kentucky Local History Trust Fund starting Sept. 1 and continuing through Oct. 12.

Local history organizations, libraries, museums and other groups are eligible to apply for grant amounts of up to $2,500 to support activities designed to strengthen the organization. Eligible projects include, but are not limited to, collection assessments, staff/board development, local history education programs, collections care, and exhibits.

Taxpayer contributions make possible the Local History Trust Fund grant pool. People can check a box on their tax returns to contribute part or all of their refunds to the fund.

Read about past awardees 

Montana State Library - LSTA

The Montana State Library has $10,000 in Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funds available for adding special collections to the Montana Memory Project (MMP.) 

Eligible Activities:  

Funds must be used for costs specific to digitizing materials

Award Levels:

Funding awards can be up to $1,500 per project and must be used for costs (No match is required, but libraries are asked to track time and funds contributed to the project.)

Eligible Organizations:

All Montana libraries are eligible to apply for these funds. Museums, historical societies, and archives in the state may also apply to have collections added to the MMP working in partnership with a local library.  The Project Funding award will be made to the partner library.


Friday, November 29, 2019


Visit:  The Montana State Library - Montana Memory Project  

Texas Historical Foundation

The Texas Historical Foundation provides funds for historic preservation projects and promote Lone Star history education. Millions of dollars of THF funding have helped save important pieces of Texas history—buildings, artifacts, documents, and archaeology. 

More than 100 libraries, archives, and academic institutions across the state support the Texas Historical Foundation as dues-paying members.

Eligible Activities:

Texas Historical Foundation grants provide seed money to help organizations save their own pieces of the state’s past. Proposals for the following types of projects are considered quarterly:

  • Historic property restoration
  • Events promoting state history to the general public
  • Preservation of artifacts, archival materials, or legal documents
  • Texas history curriculum in classrooms
  • Publications and scholarly research in Texas history
  • Archaeology
  • Preservation of the Arts in Texas

Award Amounts:

From $1,000 to $5,000, suggested requests 


September 1; December 1; March 1;  June 1


View the grant FAQs and download the application form HERE.