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Fundamentals of AV Preservation - Chapter 3

Section 4: Drafting a Statement of Work





4 See for a tutorial on how to avoid accidentally corrupting data when managing it within spreadsheets.

5 Chapter 4: Managing Digital Audiovisual Collections goes into these types of metadata further.

6 See “Embedded Metadata in WAVE files: a look inside issues and tools”

7 See Federal Agencies Audio Visual Digitization Working Group, Task 5.4: Assess Options for Embedding Metadata in WAVE Files and Plan the Audio Metadata File Header Tool Development Project: Assessment Report and Initial Recommendations


9 See Federal Agencies Audio-Visual Working Group, Embedding Metadata in Digital Audio Files: Guideline for Federal Agency Use of Broadcast WAVE Files

10 Association of Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Technical Committee, A Study of Embedded Metadata Support in Audio Recording Software: Summary of Findings and Conclusions

11 Metadata Quality Control (MDQC)


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