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The original content for Preservation 101 was created in 2006 by Beth Patkus, Preservation Consultant, and Lori Foley, former Director of Field Service at NEDCC. Supplemental work was provided by Karen E.K. Brown, with assistance from Beth Patkus and Julie Reilly in 2001.

Production of the original Preservation 101 was supported by WGBH Educational Foundation and NEDCC staff members, including:

Jim Barton
Denise Blumenthal
Chris Boone
Maria Constantinides
Lori Foley
Mary Ellen Gardiner
Tina Lim
Alison McCrary
Beth Patkus
Ann Russell
Arthur R. Smith
Amy Stahl
Mayo Todorovic
Ron LaRussa
Jon Whitney
Chris Wise

In 2013, the course was revised by Holly Robertson, Preservation Consultant, to include emerging preservation issues such as digitization, digital preservation, audiovisual preservation, and sustainable environmental practices. For the 2015 course, NEDCC’s Preservation Services department undertook a major review process to update existing content, expand certain topics, and improve usability.



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