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Your building is the first defense for your collections against temperature, humidity, pollutants, light, fire, water, theft, pests, and mold. This session will explore methods for achieving a preservation quality environment within your building. How can you ensure that your building provides the best possible protection for your collections?


Establishing an appropriate environment for your collections can be challenging. Are there specific temperature & relative humidity levels that must be maintained? What if your building's climate control systems cannot achieve them? How should pollutants and light levels be controlled? What types of fire protection and security systems are best.

The quality of the environment in your institution will depend on the design, construction, and systems of the building. The extent and quality of the building maintenance will also have an impact. Addressing these issues may initially seem overwhelming, but small steps toward improving the building and environment are achievable, and will greatly benefit your collections.

This session will help you:

  • explore best practices for sustainable environmental control, fire protection, security, pest management, mold protection, and building design and maintenance;
  • evaluate your current building systems and storage areas to see how well they are meeting preservation recommendations;
  • determine what changes are needed to improve conditions and ensure the long-term preservation of your collections; and
  • identify additional resources to help you learn more about building and environmental issues.




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