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Session 7: Reformatting and Digitization


additional activities

This section gives examples of more in-depth activities that you may wish to undertake as part of your reformatting and treatment programs. These activities will require additional time, research, and information-gathering on your part, and are completely optional.

Preservation Microfilming

Prepare general guidelines for your institution's preservation microfilming projects. These should specify standards to be followed, as well as procedures for preparing materials, filming materials, and ensuring quality control.

Preservation Microfilming

Identify a collection in need of preservation microfilming. Contact several preservation filming vendors and get cost estimates for filming the collection. Investigate options for funding the microfilming project.


Prepare a short presentation on the relationship of digitization and preservation for your next Board of Trustees meeting.

Born Digital Collections

Identify a recently acquired collection with born digital materials. What storage media are present? Are any of these storage media readable on available computers in your institution? If so, what file formats are present? Do you have a plan to manage these born digital collections?

Digital Preservation

Does your institution have a digital preservation policy that guides the active management of your digital collections? Search for sample digital preservation policies online or ask your professional colleagues for copies of their policies.