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Section 9: Building a Preservation Program


additional activities

This section provides suggestions for some additional preservation planning and management activities. These activities will require additional time, research, and information gathering on your part and are completely optional.

Selection for Preservation

Devise criteria specific to your institution for identifying valuable collections that may be in need of preservation action.

Preservation Policies

Prepare an overall preservation policy for your institution and/or one or more specific policies for preservation procedures (e.g., environmental monitoring, shelving of collections, security).

Preservation Program Funding

Identify a potential preservation grant project. Look at several funder websites, identify one or more potential funders, and print out their guidelines and application forms. Once you have determined the most likely funding source, begin writing the grant proposal.

Preservation Education and Training

Prepare a presentation on preserving historical collections for the next board of trustees meeting or design an education program for staff members and/or users that will teach proper collection storage and handling techniques.



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