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Fundamentals of AV Preservation


NEDCC is pleased to offer the Fundamentals of AV Preservation textbook for self-study to anyone with internet access.  An HTML version is available online at, and downloadable PDFs can be found at the core topics in caring for and reformatting audiovisual collections, this resource supports cultural heritage professionals in their efforts to steward audiovisual materials. 

Chapter 1: Care and Handling of Audiovisual Collections 

Chapter 2: Inventory and Assessment 

Chapter 3: Planning, Preparing, and Implementing Reformatting Projects 

Chapter 4: Managing Digital Audiovisual Collections 

Chapter 5: Disaster Preparedness and Response 



The content for each chapter of the Fundamentals of AV Preservation textbook was created in 2017 by staff members of AVPreserve (now AVP) and edited by NEDCC staff members. The textbook served as the foundation of a multi-session, instructor-facilitated online course launched by NEDCC in 2017. The development of the course and textbook were subsidized by the National Endowment for the Humanities, and in 2022, additional NEH funding supported the transformation of the HTML textbook into downloadable PDFs.

AVPreserve – Authors  
Chris Lacinak, President (Chapters 1 and 3) 
Rebecca Chandler, Consultant (Chapters 1 and 2) 
Amy Rudersdorf, Senior Consultant (Chapter 4) 
Kara Van Mallsen, Partner and Senior Consultant (Chapter 5) 
NEDCC – Editors  
Ann Marie Willer, Director of Preservation Services  
Sean Ferguson, Preservation Specialist 
Becky Geller, Preservation Specialist 
Frances Harrell, Senior Preservation Specialist 
Kim O’Leary, Technology and Events Coordinator 
Danielle Spalenka, Preservation Specialist  


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