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IRENE Seeing Sound Blog

IRENE Audio Preservation Service Now Available

The Original IRENE IMLS Grant Project

In 2014, NEDCC completed the IMLS National Leadership Grant project to add the IRENE Audio Preservation Service to NEDCC's offerings.  

The IRENE service is now available to cultural institutions and individuals nationwide.

We have archived the original pilot projects in the IRENE Seeing Sound Blog.  Many thanks are in order as we continue to move forward with the new IRENE service:

  • First, our thanks go out to Dr. Carl Haber, Senior Scientist, and Dr. Earl Cornell, Computer Systems Engineer, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, who led the prior grant-funded initiatives that developed the IRENE technology. They worked closely with NEDCC during the process of creating the service, and were very generous with their patience, advice, and expertise throughout.

  • NEDCC is grateful to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for their support during the Center's National Leadership Grant. 

  • Thanks to the Library of Congress for their collaboration with Berkeley Labs during the research and development of the IRENE technology over the last decade.
  • Many thanks also to our pilot project partners, who generously offered their wonderful collections on which to test the IRENE system, and who offered their advice and feedback as we built the service. Read more about some of the pilot partner's projects in the past posts of the  Seeing Sound blog.

Our Thanks to our Pilot Program Participants:

Rebekah Irwin
Head of Collections & Digital Initiatives
Middlebury College Library,  Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT

Kathleen Sabogal
Assistant Director
Carnegie Hall Archives
New York

Jerry Fabris, Museum Curator
Thomas Edison National Historical Park
National Park Service
West Orange, NJ

Marcos Sueiro Bal
Senior Archivist
New York Public Radio, WNYC
New York

Tiffany Colannino
Woody Guthrie Foundation
Mt. Kisco, NY

Christina Davis and Mary Graham
Woodberry Poetry Room
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

[Top photo, Performers, Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Collection, Middlebury College, VT]